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Australian Metals fabricate Splashbacks from any material we stock, we generally fold the material into trays with a depth of 10mm and then back the trays with plasterboard or fyrcheck to avoid damage and to make installation easy


Splashback CapabilitiesSpecs
Max Width 3220 mm
Max Height 1170-1200 mm
Tray/Panel Thickness 5-20 mm

copper splashback

The splashbacks are made with trays because they give the appearance of plate, thin material doesn't look aestehtically pleasing when it is just glued to a wall. This method allows for better joints, and the ability to cover gaps between walls and benchtops

Australian Metals custom make every splashback to suit customer measurements, as demonstrated in the pictures below we can make a variety of panel sizes and work around different cabinet features or fittings



Copper Splashback 1880mm x 640mm x 10mm with removable temporary PVC film

splashback copper 1 

splashback powerpoint cutout 1


Zinc Splashback 

 zinc splashback

  Zinc Splashback corner

 corner splashback


Zinc Splashback joints & plaster backed copper splashback panel

splashback joint      plaster backed splashback