Copper Sheet is a new brand designed to supply the Australian Market with Copper Sheet based alloys.  We compete with companies including Australian Metals, Austral Wright Metals, George White, Brass & Copper and Primary Metals to name a few.  Specialising in non ferrous copper sheet based material supply specifically copper based alloys including but not limited to copper alloy, copper sheet, brass sheet, phosphor bronze sheet, 90/10 sheet, 70/30 sheet, gilding sheet metal, electrical grade sheet copper in a variety of thicknesses and hardnesses

In the history of our business we have proudly supplied high quality products and technical solutions (AS1566 manufacturing specifications) to industries including cold rolled metal, roofing, copper drains/spouting, architectural, electrical, cladding, springs suppliers, earthing strap suppliers, blanking, stamping, copper smith fabricators, automotive, transformer manufacturers, magnet builders, copper water tank manufacturers, solar industry, copper show tray manufacturers, security lock manufacturers and brass/copper washer stamping, copper plumbing, mining and government.
Our local manufacturing provides us with flexible solutions in short time frames. Copper Sheet specialise in bright annealing, guillotining, recoiling, cut to length sheet (any length e.g. 4m) and Australian Standards (AS1566). 
Suppliers of the following materials C11000 (Alloy 110), C12200 (Alloy 122), C22000 (Alloy 220), C23000 (Alloy 230), C26000 (Alloy 260), C51000 (Alloy 518).  We can supply alternatives upon request.
Copper Sheet Supplies sheet to industries such as architectural, plumbing, roofing, cladding and copper sheet metal suppliers, we keep a variety of stock in various widths and thicknesses:
0.55 x 670, 0.55 x 900, 0.55 x 1000, 0.55 x 1200
0.6 x 1000, 0.6 x 1200
0.7 x 670, 0.7 x 900, 0.7 x 1200, 0.7 x 1500
0.9 x 670, 0.9 x 1000, 0.9 x 1200, 0.9 x 1500
1.0 x 1000, 1.0 x 1200, 1.0 x 1500
1.2 x 1000, 1.2 x 1200
All materials are imported from reputable, high quality suppliers and include mill certificates.
In addition we now have the capabilities to applicate PVC protective microfilm to all coils or sheet we sell at affordable prices and fast turn around times.

Below are some of the industries we currently service:

Roofing/Cladding Fabrication
Hot water systems Coinage
Electrical Press works