TECU® Oxid

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TECU® Oxid

Right from the start, TECU® Oxid has a dark oxidised surface, to bypass the bright initial appearance of new copper and thereby offer a more consistent dark brown colour across different façade elements sooner than TECU® Classic. It resembles the oxidised matt brown surface that gradually develops on copper via natural weathering and oxidation. The copper coils are pre-oxidised at the factory on both sides in a special industrial process.

The brown oxide surface continues to develop after installation; it becomes matt and transforms through dark brown colours, yielding the rich dark brown hues of oxidised copper to the facade. On inclined cladding areas, a patina green, typical for copper, develops through the influences of airborne substances and moisture.

This lively protective layer lends TECU® Oxid its unmistakable appeal and extraordinary durability.



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