Gilding Metal Sheet

  • Product Type: Coil, Alloy C22000, Alloy C23000
  • Category: Gilding
Gilding Metal Sheet

Australian Metals are manufacturers, we supply product to order at customer

request with short lead times and small minimum order quantities


Alloys - C22000 & C23000 (additional options upon request)

Width & Thickness - Widths 4mm - 300mm and Thicnkesses 0.1mm - 4mm 

Temper - All width & thicknesses can be provided in any required temper from full soft to full hard

Coil ID - Ability to re-coil to customer specified ID from 50mm - 500mm


Lead times - Generally 1-2 weeks

Quantities - Minimum Orders from 1 strip to over 2000Kg

Additional Info

If your requirements fall outside this scope please contact us to discuss